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Services Provided

We provide a variety of web services to assist your company in establishing and maintaining an effective online presence.

Web Design Services

Whether you are looking at launching your first web site or improving an existing one, we can provide value-added recommendations and the tools you need to make your ideas a reality.

The purpose of creating a web site should not simply be the end result, but rather a means of marketing who you are to the world. For this reason our web designer will first work with you on assembling a plan that addresses the following questions:

  1. Initial Planning: Who is your web site for, what kind of content/information is important to your site's visitors?
  2. Structure: How shall your web site be structured and organized to maximize ease-of-use?
  3. Design: Do you have a logo or promotional material already assembled? If not, what kind of design ideas (colors, layout, overall presentation, etc) do you have?

Cost: $800 - $1800 for basic to intermediate web sites containing 5-10 pages. Specific quotes will be provided upon consultation.

Web Hosting Services

In addition to providing a home for your web content we can also assist you in registering domain names, setting up email addresses, mailing lists, databases and web tools. Simply let us know what you need and we'll do the rest.

Cost: $14.95/mo. for basic to intermediate sites with moderate traffic volume.

Web Maintenance Services

We provide maintenance solutions to clients that host their web site with us. The level of maintenance depends on the client and web site. Most clients will only require basic maintenance which involves the update of content from time-to-time.

Cost: $25.00-$100.00/mo. depending on the level of maintenance required. Web hosting is included. $75.00/hr. for specific and significant one-time updates.

Search Optimization Services

Search engines - Google in particular - have become powerful tools enabling potential visitors to find your site. It is important your web site is optimized for search engines and appears near the top of search results for given keywords. Basic search optimization services are provided for the sites we design and clients under our web maintenance plan.

Cost: $75.00/hr. for advanced search optimization services. Basic optimization services covered for sites we design and those we maintain.

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